How many players can I have?

Your team can have a maximum of 11 players.

Your team can have:

  • Up to 5 batsmen
  • Up to 5 bowlers
  • Up to 3 all rounders
  • 1 keeper

Your team value must not be larger than £ million


How many transfers can I have?

Before the start of the season you have unlimited transfers.

Once the season has started you will be limited to 2 transfers each week.

If you would like more then there is a 25 point penalty for every other transfer.

Once transfers have been made they are final and penalty points cannot be removed.

Transfers will be closed on game days after 11AM.

Player Values

How are the player values are created?

A players value is based on a weighted average of their performance in the previous 3 years

This places a greater emphasis on the player current performance when calculating their value, however ensures that a good player would not be undervalued if their previous season was not a 'good' representation of their skills.

New players are added at a value after analysing their performances for previous clubs. If these do not exist then a default value of £2 million is used.


How are the player values are created?

Players can either be classified as batsman, bowler, all-rounder or keeper.

Their classification is based on what percentage of MVP points they have got whilst batting.
They are then categorised as follows:

  • Batsmen - at least 70% of MVP points from batting
  • All Rounder - between 43% and 70% of MVP points from batting
  • Bowler - less than 43% of MVP points from batting

NOTE: Keepers have to be manually set and a manual check is done to ensure the classifications are reasonable.

If the player is new to the club their previous club stats will determine their classification.


This is the expected par scores

Points are awarded in the following categories:

  • Batting - Runs - 1 point = 1 run
  • Batting - Par Score - see more
  • Bowling - Wicket (assisted) - 12.5 points - Caught/Stumped
  • Bowling - Wicket (unassisted) - 25 points - Bowled/LBW
  • Bowling - Economy Bonus - see more
  • Fielding - Wicket (assisted) - 12.5 points - Caught
  • Fielding - Wicket (unassisted) - 25 points - Run Out


How do captains affect my team?

The captain in your team will earn double points for any matches.

Captains can be changed at any point as long as transfers are open.

There is no limit to the number of changes made to a captain.